Party in the flower – Tokyo

Once again Marijoli rocks Tokyo, this time on the 52F of Roppongi Hills in the Mado lounge. The designer brand revealed new pieces for next year against a backdrop of Tokyo’s city lights 700 hundred guests turned up to see :

* Takako Ikehata, painter/designer’s new range of clothing, modelled by waifish japanes beauties
* DJ’s flown in from Europe included Rolande, and Simon Templar
* Other credits: Rikki K photographer, painter, director
* Jun Kudo and his team, owner, artist
* Marielle Byworth, jewelry designer
* Yasuno Toyoshi, hair, make up artist
* WADAKEN, visual director
* VJ/ DJ Tomoyuki Tanaka, Fantastic Plastic machine

Pink Ball – Tokyo

“Divas & Diamonds”
Friday, October 13th at the Grand Hyatt Tokyo

Pink lace ROWMA/bracelet gold plated, donated by Marijoli.

Pink Ball is a fund-raising event organized by the Run for the Cure Foundation, dedicated to advancing breast cancer research, education and awareness. It is the Foundation’s goal for at least 75% of ticket sales and auction proceeds to go directly toward achieving their mission.

Belief – Singapore Biennale

The title and theme of this biennale is Belief. Contemporary society is market by complex and conflicting values and lack of unified standards of judgment. Diverse values sometimes lead to the threat of war and terrorism, and imply fundamentally different visions of the world. In the contemporary world, What should we believe? What values should we use as standards to live by? Living means choosing one of many option in each moment. Given this situation, what can people take as their basic principles in choosing and building a way of life?

Reiko, thank you for your guidance! …Flair is in your blood 😉