Marijoli private reception Paris – Tokyo

For that last minute Christmas/New Year’s Gift – Marijoli provided its Tokyo & Paris clients with an exclusive private sale and showing of its latest collection at the residences of Loredana Di Porcia e Brugnera and Lizzie Cohen-Sarfati.

At the sales some gold earring prototypes were revealed for the summer 2007, as well as the new necklace MAKO – which created a wild frenzy of orders in Tokyo.

Four more pieces of MAKO/necklace shall be made available in 2007 for
Marijoli’s Paris, London and Geneva boutiques. Also from January 2007 a new line of toe rings shall be launched in Tokyo and shall be distributed by the “Boudoir” salon.

As a new costumer, China Forbes from the band “Pink Martini” repeats her new song with MACTOR/bracelet.

TRASH vol.1

THANK you to all for your good vibes & Takako Ikehate for her exclusive performance!

With every one going crazy..the stage got out of control until Jason Taylor finally got on to the stage to direct the crowd and judge our finalists…

And the winner was…..

1. Toshi

2. Tiziana

3. Jerome

MApersonal winner…

Pictures by Hiroki Ikesue