12 March, Paris Fashion week09

What a delicious woman is Nathalie Sevikian. Since we exhibit in the Louvre at Kara last year we decided to have our private exhibition in Paris during Fashion Week 2009. Just next to Rue de Bretagne we had the pleasure to welcome all the fashionistas to discover our current and new pieces. Nathalie and I were surprised how much 2 jewelry designers can get along so well talking for hours about our passion.

Bijoux pour pin-up et princesses

Les agitatrices de la joaillerie vous invitent
a leurs “Precious Fashion Eve”

Elles vous accueillent le
12 Mars de 17-20h.

14 Rue Montgolfer
75003 Paris

Contact : Marielle Byworth
06 24462 105

Nathalie Sevikian :
06 07138 967