Salon du Bijoux d’Art – Mougins

Great opportunity to find unique jewelry at “Salon du bijoux d’Art” in Mougins.
Very close to Cannes.

30 designers exhibit their collection in South of France before Cannes Festival in Mougins from 9 – 10 May.

Marijoli will be waiting for you!

NEW release


この度、Marijoliより、新シリーズNENUMAシリーズより、新作ブレスレットNENUMA CharmとNENUMA Rockが登場致しました。
リースアポイントやプレスオーダーなどのご連絡は、私、PIES attaches de presse 池田芙樹(080-3240-8020)まで、宜しくお願い致します。


バレンタイン限定で発売されていたNENUMA charm of charm ブレスレットが、リボン3本セットになって、NENUMA Charmとして、新しくMarijoliの定番に仲間入り。


ロックテイストで、NENUMA charmと一緒につけても可愛いです。

Marijoli retail with Nolcha in Nolita (NYC)

Nolcha Retail Space Opens to Accolades

The first ever Nolcha Retail Space has opened it’s doors at 238 Mulberry in NYC’s hot Nolita shopping district. With black bricks to set off the precious metals and gold gilding to accent the texture of the fine handbags, this space is more than just a place to come and shop.

It is a venue of re-invention, a place where the consumer can grab special pieces to supplement their wardrobe and feel they truly have found a unique gem. More importantly, it is a home for the emerging designer, where meetings and trunk shows are welcome, press that pop by just to see what’s new are encouraged and retail buyers who want to truly visualize new talent on a sales floor can come and investigate.
“We wanted classic with an edge. Flirty little jewelry items that go with a cocktail dress, handbags that belong on Page Six and unisex items for the busy world of commuters. The idea that there is something for everyone and that the only trend we follow is really quality goods done with unique finishings has become something that I am proud of. Instead of following editor’s picks, we are picking what editors should follow,” said Lynn Furge, Creative Director of Nolcha, who was responsible for selecting the chosen few for the retail space.

Housing eleven hot young accessories designers, Nolcha Retail has already become the go to space for editorial stylists, having requests for photo shoot pulls days before the store even opened.

Created in association with Shane and Shawn (the location was originally their flagship store and Nolcha came in to split the space 50/50) the Nolcha Retail Space includes Accessories by Joann, Anthracite, Ana Gutierrez, BettyLou Jewels, Castaways Design, Gida Bavari, Luis Steven, Marijoli, Ms Bodangles, Nuvula and Passchal. All were selected for their creativity, quality of product and market viability.

“Opening a retail space in Manhattan is a positive sign for Nolcha’s growth as we continue to listen and provide to the needs of emerging fashion designers. It is exciting for many of them to be selling in a prime New York City Hotspot!” states Kerry Bannigan, CEO Nolcha.

The store comes with many planned events. Private Shopping nights have already been booked months in advance with some of the city’s top stylists treating their clients to an personal shopping experience. Each month will have a specific Nolcha event with media partners as well. Calendars will be available on

“People want to shop… or at least my friends and colleagues do. They just don’t want to go into a major retailer and find the same skus everywhere, people are downsizing their assortment and our answer to that is variety and originality,” explains Furge.

With a buzz that is already percolating, Nolcha Retail will prove once again that the Nolcha Corporation has a recession proof model that cares about the fashion industry.

Land of Tomorrow

Marijoli is proud to be present at the beginning of a new story with Tomorrowland.

A brand new shop is opening on 28th March

With attractive products, but also the fantastic space.

If you have time come and visit the shop from Sat. 29th March

5-3-20 Minami Aoyama Minato-ku Tokyo
Unimat Blue Cinq Point B
tel : 03-5766-7462

(close to Corso Como – Prada)

3月28日に青山にグランドオープンするセレクトショップ、『LAND OF TOMORROW』にて、Marijoliの商品が扱われることになりました。


Unimat Blue Cinq Point B