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Nolcha-“They’re like a Gossip Girl version of a Lieber bag,”

Rolling in two hours late to the Nolcha retail store, I immediately regretted spending so much time at my previous engagement, the shop was full of attractive, well-accessorized people, and I was quickly adopted by two friendly, flamboyant men. One of them turned out to be Luis Steven, the designer of the laptop bags.

Photography by Galya Kovalyova.

Nolcha sent a call out to independent and emerging designers and out of 350 applicants found the elite 11 that make up the Nolcha Retail Space. Ultimately the store is a “hybrid type of co-op where designers get retail, PR and mini showroom all in one space.” The collections range from Italian leather laptop bags perfect for commuters and frequent fliers, to silver and gold jewelry that ties on with “custom black leather straps by Marijoli”, to square clutches covered in Swarovski crystals and adorned with skulls and crossbones. “They’re like a Gossip Girl version of a Lieber bag,” said Lynn Furge, Nolcha’s Creative Director and the final word on the designers.

The point of the selection process was to find “quality items that will last forever,” according to Lynn. “Now everyone’s buying from H&M and Old Navy, and those items are so disposable. Even thrift stores are full of stock from Forever 21 instead of things that were loved and used for years.” She then told me about her years-long search for the designer of a particular necklace she bought in a random store in Boston, and about the elation she felt when she finally located him and brought him and his one-off creations to the shop. “People should have fewer things of higher quality,” she said, “and once you find something unique and beautiful that you love, it should last for years.”

According to Arthur Mandel, the creator of the Nolcha, the store will end up being a metropolitan home for independent designers in one of the world’s leading fashion capitals and will be utilizing out-of-the-box marketing and sales strategies to increase purchases and brand awareness.

Nolcha store located at 238 Mulberry st.

Amanda Holden and her limited purple NENUMA

Nolcha met up with British actress and TV personality, Amanda Holden – one of the judges, alongside Simon Cowell and Piers Morgan, of ITV1s hit show ‘Britain’s Got Talent’.

She has been working in the Big Apple to co-anchor the CBS news program ‘The Early Show’, and appear as a guest on the Larry King Live Show.

Amanda’s eye popped at the sight at the Gida Bavari Ava Clutch in Berry. She was excited by the Castaway Design organic horn pink ring as this was the perfect match for a newly purchased fuchsia figure hugging dress and the Marijoli Nenuma Charm (Limited Edition) in purple she thought was a fabulous sleek accessory – for wrist or ankle.

All available at shop.nolcha.com

Marijoli & Fuki in Vogue.com


ブランドやショップの“顔”として、常にスキのないおしゃれを求められる敏腕プレスたち。そんな彼女たちがここぞ、というときに身に着ける今夏の「勝負ジュエリー」とは? 上級者ならではのセレクト&スタイリング、必見です。

話題の東京ブランド「ルラティブマン」やビーチウェアを中心とする「Maria H」のプレスを手がけるFUKIさん。彼女のコーディネートに欠かせないのがスイス人デザイナーによる東京生まれのブランド「マリジョリ」のバングル。幾何学的なモチーフをかたどったゴールドのバングルは、ひとつプラスするだけでスタイリングを格上げしてくれるうえ、どんな服にも合わせやすいのがお気に入りの理由。

(excuse the poor translation of my free online translator)

Game jewelry of capable press.
As “a face” of the brand and the shop, the capable press which is required the foppery which always does not have [Fuki].Such her here, when with saying, “the game jewelry” of this summer when you learn? The selection & the styling only of the upper-class person, necessary it is seeing.
Excellent [Bangle] which upgrades the styling.

Tokyo brand “[rurateibuman]” of topic and the beachwear are centered, FUKI which manages the press “of Maria H”.[Bangle] of brand “[Marijoli]” of Tokyo origin being essential to her coordinating by the Swiss designer Marielle Byworth.[Bangle] of the gold which imitates geometric motif, in addition to upgrading one plus it just does styling, it is easy adjusting to any clothes the favorite reason.

EXCLUSIVE : Bangle available at Restir, Tokyo and Nolcha boutique in NYC.