Middle East Launch – Invitation

Designer Entourage and Marielle Byworth invite you
for a Special Evening to Launch

The Dj collection remix by Dj MadJam from Beirut /Ahmad Madjam Ajam. The Dj collection is playful line for the contemporary consumer. Its made of sterling silver rhodium plated with either black diamonds for rings or onix. We push the concept further and used  record (vinyl) as a commodity. Either set in bracelet, cufflinks, dog tag, key ring the Dj collection serie 1 is set with OM KOLTHOUM album.

The concept challenged conventional thought about artistic processes and art marketing. This limited edition is Unisex and have different size for bracelets and rings.

Meantime the full range of Dragon on Fire will be available
at Gouraud St, Saifi Village I will be around welcoming or guests with fruit cocktail in my hand next to Ghena and Ali.

FIY : More than an exclusive Boutique………. An exceptional address for luxury
Designer’s Entourage is a unique concept for an enriched lifestyle.
With a select ensemble of bespoke designers from around the globe, an eclectic collection

28Th May, 
from 6-10 pm

@ Designer Entourage Gouraud St,
Khan Building, Lot 725, Shop 9
Saifi- Beirut