Using 2 billion years stones


Going for Thai massages well deserved.
On my way back my brother and I will introduce a new line of jewelry made out of carbon. It's indeed one of the oldest stone with some high energy power. Since I'm a new mum I have been concerned with mobile's radiation and how can I still use my iPhone and not compromise my baby's health. Will let you know more from Thailand…to be continued



Is your husband skipping Valentine’s Day on Purpose…?
Well,… here is a protective pair of cufflinks called Malentine to make your beloved focus!

Cufflinks sterling silver rhodium plated with pink MOP

Mother of Pearl, which is abbreviated MOP, is the “Stone of Sincerity”. It signifies faith, charity, and innocence, and is believed to enhance personal integrity, and helps to provide focus to ones attention.

The pearl has been known as a “stone of sincerity”, bring truth to situations and loyalty to a “cause”. It has been used to inhibit boisterous behavior, and to provide a reflection of the self such that one may see the manner in which one appears to others.

This stone is a great protective stone.
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Interview with Ahalife


Name: Marielle Byworth
Location: Hong Kong
Products: Elema bracelet and Matreck earrings

Marielle Byworth makes good use of her downtime. The Swiss-educated, Hong Kong-based designer came up with the idea for her Marijoli jewelry line while diving in the Maldives and Palau a few years ago. Fans of her nature-inspired pieces include Kate Moss and Madonna.

What inspired you to create this jewelry?
I had spent a lot of time diving in some beautiful spots like the Maldives and Palau and I became mesmerized by the beauty of nature. At the same time I was working with a jewelry maker to come up with some fresh designs and I really wanted to be able to replicate the beauty of the underwater world and have it with me at all times. A piece of jewelry was the perfect solution.

How were the pieces made?
The initial process started with the inspiration and working relationship above, from there I went to my Tokyo studio and started to draw designs. Once I was happy with the designs I made models in wax so I could play with the shapes. The next phase was to start talking with manufacturers. I then made a mold using the prototype that I had created. So many of my friends liked the model that I thought I would make some for gifts. Once I started to produce, more and more people started to buy and that’s how I went into production.

What was the big aha! you had while creating this product?
The moment I found the perfect shape and curve—it took a while.

Can you describe your creative process?
It’s kind of like a meditation process. I spend a lot of time focusing on a magical moment and focus on it the whole time when producing a piece.

What do you love about what you do?
That I can help people express themselves. I love seeing what people come up with. I worked with the Miss Universe Japan girls and they were very creative with how they wore the Elema piece—around a boot, covering a watch, around their necks. All extremely cool and saying something different. I particularly love seeing how proud people look when they are wearing my pieces.

How would you sum up your aesthetic/design philosophy?
Abstract minimalism with elegance and beauty that you can relate to.

What are you working on next?
I am working on a line for older people, children and parents using the power of healing stones

What would you like to do other than your current occupation?
I would like to broaden what I design to include a range of bags, belts and accessories.

Curated by Kimmie Smith for Ahalife