Piecco for MAKRA N. 7

What do you think about this collection?
I believe in building positivity. This collection somehow directs me to a positive way, I guess it’s the flow of those wonderful pieces…
What was your professional career and private life?
I am a leather goods designer. As for my private life, I spend lots of time doing yoga, seeing family and friends. I’m also a huge fan of US sitcom, The Big Bang Theory.
What are the places that inspire you in Hong Kong?
I have to say the wet market. The odd part is I don’t really cook but I believe the wet market truly touches our everyday lives and it’s purely non-threatening, non-sexist, non-racist, non-classist!

Model : Piecco Pang
Occupation : Designer


Pendant yellow gold 9ct with rubies

FIRST CHAKRA: Base/Root Chakra
LOCATION: Behind the pubic bone
FUNCTION: Our grounding energy centre, keeping our feet firmly
on the ground and our mind focused on physical and creative matters
PHYSICALLY: It governs our reproductive organs and our sexual vitality
Symptoms of a blocked 1st Chakra might include problems in the hips, legs, lower back and sexual organs
ASSOCIATED COLOURS: red, brown and black

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Souvenir and Happy summer!

Taking little to Switzerlnad for the creation of the new line Marielle Byworth
Here is our latest time out from Philippines, Amanpulo.
Great resort and best Pilates studio ever.
I hope you will enjoy the serial of pictures I have done with my friends
in Hong Kong before I left. I will post it on my blog from July till end of August
to launch each pieces of jewellery.
Its a serial of seven pendants based on the
seven chakra. I have used rubies, oranges sapphires,
emeralds, citrines, blue sapphires, amethysts, diamants and aquamarines.
Its all about serenity and the way we are all connected!
shhhh…I dont say one more word…wait and see for your self.
Happy Summer Vacation to all of you who work hard!