Pop UP store in ST TROPEZ

MARIJOLI arrived to St Tropez this summer for you!

Located just off the city’s historic Place des Lices and kitty-corner from Lanvin’s newly minted pop-up shop digs for 2012, THE SPACE @ Le Cabanon of Maison Blanc Bleu is an essential stop for shoppers visiting this infamous hometown of Brigitte Bardot. The beautiful Julias Van Hagen and Tallulah Ruffus Isaacs will be there to welcome you to THE SPACE.

Tap into the blissful spirit of St. Tropez, with its warm sandy beaches and rejuvenating sea breeze!  To help you get in the spirit, Marielle Byworth is giving you St. Tropez best selection of cuff from Marijoli to hit the dance floor of les Caves du Roi !  St. Tropez is known for its ability to revive the soul, but we can’t always hop on the next flight to France.  Luckily, you’ll always look fresh and full of joie de vivre when you adorn these radiant Marijoli’s cuff.
POP UP store from 20 July -20 August
THE SPACE @ le Cabanon of Maison Blanc Bleu, 3 rue du Général Allard
St Tropez

Bump Alert! Push gift


What’s a push gift? It’s a present your hubs gets you for carrying and generally pushing the baby out (and don’t worry: C-section moms definitely deserve one too). Of course that gorgeous baby is reward enough, but if there’s one person who deserves a little spoiling, it’s a woman who’s just rocked! Although jewellery is the most traditional pick, I have come up with a few other unconventional ideas
and no surprise I have received more and more demand for my Bespoke line in Hong-Kong during THE Dragon babie’s era…Guys!…Seriously, its not enough to book Matilda’s Hospital those days 😉

Rich celebrities are accustomed to being gifted with expensive jewellery, and the trend extends to the day they give birth. Case in point: Pierce Brosnan gave wife Keely three gold and diamond bracelets when their son Paris was born. Ben Affleck presented wife Jennifer Garner with pricey purple jewellery after she delivered daughter Violet (which the unfussy and practical Mrs. Affleck reportedly made him return). Sarah Jessica Parker got a gorgeous charm bracelet from hubby Matthew Broderick when son James made his debut. Other celeb dads celebrate the arrival of their new babies by buying their wives and girlfriends expensive bling such as diamond rings, diamond earrings, pearl necklaces, pearl earrings, and jewellery made with their baby’s birthstone…

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