They know what they want!

What a fun private sale last Wednesday 10 April at Pravya Copin’s residence.
By 5.30pm sharp the first ladies arrived and were all over the place looking for the special piece.
The stavorites earrings with crystal de roche was already been pre-reserved on instagram as well as the Mandi silver gold plated multi function accessorie. It was a great evening serrounded by amazing ladies – They know what they want!…that is for sure!!!
By 6 pm not much was left and and champagne start flowing so we could finally catch up on gossips and exchange our summer plans.
Elema bracelet | Elema earrings – silver rhodium plated
Rings with Rie | Bespoke  DOF earrings with tsavorites and crystal de roche
 DOF ring with rubies and onyx | Matreck earrings and diamonds rings on white gold 18k
No worries for those who couldnt make it at the end as we will have an other one soon.
Be patient and keep in touch with Marijoli’s Facebook page