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Sneak peek for our samples sales – location, dates and time will be revealed on our Facebook page tomorrow.

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First come, first served!

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Inspired by the exciting arrival of 1,600 recycled papier-mâché pandas at PMQ, jewellery designer Marielle Byworth – founder of MARIJOLI – has unveiled a bespoke ring in honour of the endangered species.


Completely unique, the exquisite ring is an abstract representation of a panda. Set in a show-stopping sterling silver cast, a forest green zirconia (reminiscent of bamboo) sits at the heart of the ring. Surrounded by droplets of polished black onyx, the piece is truly one of a kind.


Additionally, to avoid chemical waste and promote sustainability, the ring is made of 100 per cent recycled silver. Byworth said she took great pride in crafting the ring as panda conservation is something she feels passionately about. “I immediately felt compelled to design something as I truly believe in what this cause stands for. It’s quite shocking to think the world’s panda population has become so small. I hope my creation can help raise awareness to help save these precious animals in some way.” @pmqhkdesign @1600pandas @wwfhk #pmq #marijoli #wwfhk


Styling Sachiko

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Sachiko is trying our new BUMA earrings at our boutique

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Classic and elegant BUMA’s earrings made in 18k white gold with diamonds is fitting Sachiko’s style.

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