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Behind the scene shoots @Kee Club annual holiday bazaar!


Thank you for those who dropped by @KEE yesterday. We are so happy to see you all!


If you could not make it yesterday, do come to our boutique @PMQ, central and pick a christmas gift for your loved ones!


Peter Tichauer


Peter Tichauer, chief editor of “China Contact” interviewed MARIJOLII today at PMQ. “China Contact” is a famous finance magazine in Germany. The objective of this interview is to see how Hong Kong put a stronger focus on Art and how the  government actually get involve to support artists and startups.

Projet Noir pm

“Projet Noir” kicked off yesterday in Hong Kong with one of the most creative dining experience of the year organised by Lalie Choffel.


A complet black gourmet dinner inspired from a novel -La vie mode d’emploi by Georges Perec was reinterpreted by the chef Nate Green who has put together the Art x Food Menu.


MARIJOLI has been selected to be part of the “Cabinet of Curiosite” scenography together with skeletons, horns, stuffed aninmals and unusual objects.

MARIJOLI.projetnoir.blackdinner.mariellebyworth .PNG

You will be able to purchase them from 4th until 9th November at The Space, events venue in Sheung Wan 210 Hollywood Road in Hong Kong.