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MAGICAL AURORAS RING  – Here is a reflection of the the Northern lights swirl. 7.22ct Peridot with diamonds & tsavorites on 18 white gold.



Chinese Astrology Reading


MARIJOLI jewelleries are a reflection of what we call the “FLOW STATE” derived from both Zen philosophy (mediative state) and the Chinese philosophy Yin Yang describe how seemingly opposite or contrary forces may actually be complementary, interconnected, and interdependent in the natural world, and how they may give rise to each other as they interrelate to one another. We now live in a different era where we need to focus on simple things during our every day activities in order to keep calm and in a state of peace.

MARIJOLI aims to give you a pathway to a mindset that is in a state of flow. The balance and harmony of the creations connect you to a mindfulness and tranquil state of mind in your every day life.

The pieces are in constant motion and frozen at their highest state of flow. Swiss brand started in Tokyo in 2005 by the Designer Marielle Byworth. Marielle is born and educated in Switzerland. Earning a Bachelor in ‘Industrial Design’ along with marketing and graphic design major she submerged into the Zen philosophy in Tokyo since 2005. After a yoga degree and hours of meditation she conceptualized “Unique and Spirited Luxury”. By creating such authentic pieces of jewellery MARIJOLI became popular in Japan and quickly gain recognition with celebrities, magazines and distribution.

She moved to Hong Kong where she established the brand in Hong Kong in 2010. Since then she has opened he first flagship within the PMQ projecy and studied Feng Shui with grand Master in China.


Have a look at the simple bracelet under our MARIJOLI purple label made on BESPOKE request for the need of our customers based on their date of birth.
Contact us to to creat your own unique bracelet!



Strong wood-  mala bracelet made with blood amber and yellow opal lotus


Strong fire – mala bracelet made with amber


Strong earth – mala bracelet made with lace blue agate and onyx with MARIJOLI charm YIN YANG


Strong metal – mala bracelet made with sandal wood and lapis lazuli numbers


Strong water – mala bracelet made with blood amber, sandal wood and rose quartz lotus


Weak wood – mala bracelet made with amazonite and onyx


Weak fire – mala bracelet made with argyle wood, natural coral and horse


Weak earth – mala bracelet made with yellow jade and a rooster


Weak metal – mala bracelet made with shell, amber and a MARIJOLI charm


Weak water – MALA bracelet made with moonstone, lapis lazuli and MARIJOLI metal