Definitely Stylish

This month on PRECIOUS magazine discover who styled Real and MichelleDEFINITELY STYLISH2017-05-24 at 5.26.44 PM

Real wearing, wool tuxedo jacket with sequin patch, wool vest and black leather woven shoes all DOLCE & GABBANA, black
wool trousers, white cotton shirt all DIOR HOMME. Michelle wearing ELIZABETH AND JAMES Sophia lace-trimmed silk-geor- gette blouse @ WWW. NET-A-PORTER. COM, single-breasted jacket, classic black
waist trousers, black textured leather pumps, all SAINT LAURENT, Matreck N.5 sterling silver gold plated cu , Mactor sterling silver 18K gold plated earrings, Mac- tor sterling silver rodium plated ring with ruby, all MARIJOLI.

DEFINITELY STYLISH022017-05-24 at 5.55.10 PM

The black suit Michelle wearing is also a re ection of her style. She considers it a demonstration of her usual work mode. Yet there is a breakthrough on her makeup. “I seldom tries smoky eyes. Maybe due to my deep facial contours, the result is rather prominent. We have also chosen the nude colour for the lips to match with a clean and sharp hairstyle, so as to highlight the style of a woman in workplace. Generally speaking I’m in love with the whole style,” Michelle says.Real has met Michelle for some time already. He thinks that she has a very cheerful character and it is really comfortable to be a friend of hers. Real further adds, “Michelle is very up-to-date with fashion, which is contrary to me. I am rather random. I do not pay attention to every fashion trend, nor am I interested in shopping. Normally I purchase the wardrobe for a whole season in a place. Talking about my favourite brands, I’d rather prefer the sporty style carried out by Givenchy, and the thick sneakers from Alexander McQueen. Recently I also came across the crossover between Louis Vuitton and Hiroshi Fujiwara, which is also a simple sporty style.”

至於Michelle穿著的黑色西裝,亦完全是她的風格,她認為就是在演繹平時工作狀態下的自己,反而 是妝容方面帶來突破,她說:「我很少嘗試煙燻眼妝,可能我本身輪廓較深,所以效果比較突出。而唇 色則以裸色為主,配合乾淨俐落的髮型,完全突出職業女性的風格,整個造型我都很喜歡。」Real認識Michelle已有一段時間,覺得她的性格十分爽朗,跟她做朋友非常舒服,Real續說:「Michelle 非常緊貼潮流,這點與我相反,我是一個隨心的人,很少留意每一個潮流,我不喜歡購物,通常一次 過在同一地方購買一整季的衣服。品牌方面,我較喜歡Givenchy的運動感覺,Alexander McQueen的厚 底波鞋亦是大愛,近期亦有留意LOUIS VUITTON聯乘藤原浩的最新作品,都是些簡潔的運動風格。」