Kim Joon

Joon Kim’s (Korea, Photography) works originate from his interest in tattoo due to its
intimacy with the body and its instant decorativeness.  While the tattoo was a unique
Asian art form from many years ago, over time it evolved into a genre whose concept
became the utter opposite of what it once was.  The ultimate purpose of tattoo remains
the same in that it serves the function of expressing one’s social status and individuality
to oneself and others alike.  With the interest of improving the somewhat disparaged
image of tattoo, Kim Joon aims to reinvent the body as the site of beautiful expression
through the use of tattoo.  However, in keeping with the current 
Korean culture where
tattoo is considered almost taboo, his works involve not direct body tattooing per se,
but images that utilize 3D computer graphics program.  Kim Joon’s computer graphics
are somewhere in between painting and photography and the resulting digital humanoids
are painted with brand logos such as Gucci, Armani, Budweiser, and BMS.  To Kim,
tattoos are a metaphor for one’s hidden desire and hard-to-control obsessions and
through tattoo, he started to see the people and the world.  To him, tattoos represent
the mental awareness that liberates the individual’s or the organization’s oppressed
desire; the skin is simply the canvas and the tattoo becomes the individual’s cultural
expression.  Kim’s tattooed bodies represent the luxury brands that are sealed onto
our consciousness and suggest the serious impact that it has on our identities through
the most sensual and tempting gesture.  It contains the message that we become sealed
and are reduced by what we consume.

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