The Land of Happiness was on my list for a long time. When I received this invitation, I had a big smile on my face. I had no idea how on earth I was linked to this group, but out of the blue they had contacted me, so I called the organizer. We had a private skype session were we both felt it was a match.
So after that I signed up and went on a rather unconventional trip to Bhutan not knowing what was waiting for me there.
Quickly I received the list of items to bring and the names of the other people joining me on the trip.
I packed the bare minimum with me and flew to Paro via Bangkok (no direct flight from Hong Kong). The flight schedule is gruesome: you take off at 10.30 pm arriving at midnight, then you have to wait until 3am to get your new ticket and board at 4.30am so you basically don’t sleep. After a stop over in India I finally arrived!
Luckily, I met a specialist on the plane sent on a water mission to Bhutan to resolve some issues they have. So, I was happy to have some lovely company on the plane exchanging idea on environment.
Once we finally arrived I was hosted by Dr. Karma and Yana to have tea on the hills to de-brief about my intention of this trip.
Then the journey started!

We spent days in Temples and evenings working on our own intentions.
I had no idea what was coming each evening and no one did  but one thing I knew was that “I will trust myself completely to let myself go and embrace everything.

believe in the process

Believe in the process

On the fourth evening I lost track of what was happening around me and went deep into the experience.

Light digest

It was a flow of intense energies. Waves of light washing over. These waves of light felt like calibrators massively raising my frequency, to boost the vibration. It continued to move from the denser vibrations of 3D consciousness into fourth and eventually fifth.
Many light workers, grid workers, psychics, healers, teachers are feeling this as an intense time of energy surges and calibrations and I join them in feeling this as a particularly intense time of energy shifts. For those of you who are sensitive and awake to energy, you can probably feel it quite intensely and acutely.


As I write this, I’m feeling my energy continuing to shift
to one of holding excitement and a big sense of infinite possibility for the future.  In my transition I feel more connected about the future of Earth.… I am feeling confident and curious about my creative process in both galactic and personal ways.

my companion

My companion in Buthan

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