Laur for MAKRA N.1


What Marijoli jewellery inspire you?

More than organic shape it inspires me sensuality; the essential essence of femininity…
What do you do to reconnect within yourself (Zen moment) and where in Hong Kong you can find it?
Yoga and meditation help me to find my own balance.
Hong Kong: new in the city, I don’t know yet all secrets of this megapolis and enjoying everyday to discover;
I love to make a stop in the temple at the end of  Hollywwod road.
The inside atmosphere makes a rupture/contrast with the city and immerse you in a peaceful world.
If you have to describe yourself and your professional background with two sentences what would that be?
I always had a strong determination on what I want to do and where I want to go.
This bring me to open my creative studio in the design field first in Paris, then in Japan in 2002, and now in Hong Kong. I like to observe then to trust my instinct to move on….
Model : Laur Meyrieux
Occupation : Creative director – Interior designer


Pendant yellow gold 9ct with amethyst and diamonds

Sixth Chakra : Crown

LOCATION : Top of the head

FUNCTIONS : Knowledge, information, understanding. This chakra is our spiritual gateway and higher self. It’s essence is that of blissfulness

Responsible for our head and nervous system. Symptons of a blocked 7th chakra might include Migraine, Headaches & Depression
ASSOCIATED COLOUR : Violet, white and clear

ELEMENT : Thought

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